Blythe platform - IOG

IOG installs two unmanned platforms in UK North Sea

UK company IOG plc has confirmed that the Blythe and Southwark gas platforms have been installed at their respective offshore field locations in the UK Southern North Sea.

Blythe platform; Source: IOG

IOG signed off the Blythe and Southwark normally unmanned installations (NUIs) as mechanically complete back in April 2021. The platforms were built by HSM Offshore at its yard in Schiedam, Netherlands. The first gas is scheduled for the late third quarter.

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For both platforms, after the suction pile foundations were fixed on the seabed and jacket legs cut to height, topsides lift operations were undertaken by the Seaway Strashnov heavy lift vessel, IOG informed on Monday.

After the final welding of the connections between the topsides and jacket the IOG, HSM Offshore and ODE Asset Management teams then performed all the necessary inspections and checks. ODE has recently been awarded the Phase 1 duty holder contract for the installation and pipeline operator as well as facilities operations and maintenance.

According to IOG, main power was switched on, communications with the onshore control room was established, and the requisite post-installation remotely operated vehicle (ROV) surveys were undertaken before both platforms were signed off as complete.

Southwark platform - IOG
Southwark platform; Source: IOG

Andrew Hockey, CEO of IOG, commented: “Safe, successful and timely installation of the Blythe and Southwark unmanned platforms is another important milestone for our Phase 1 development. These facilities are integral to our infrastructure-led hub strategy and form a pivotal link between our co-owned and operated offshore pipeline network and our onshore Thames Reception Facilities at Bacton Terminal.

“With forecast average power demand as low as 33kW they are also an important part of our low-carbon operating philosophy. This installation is the final element of the EPCI contract we awarded last year to HSM Offshore, with whom we are pleased to have collaborated successfully to bring these platforms to fruition”.