Iqarus opens offshore medics training center in Aberdeen

Healthcare and medical solutions company Iqarus has launched a new training center for offshore medics, emergency response teams, and people who work in remote and challenging environments.

Iqarus said on Thursday that over £1 million ($1.25 million) was invested in the design and construction of the center.

The company added that the center would also host offshore medic training currently provided by Iqarus from its Montrose facility, making the Aberdeen-based site ‘one of the most advanced training facilities anywhere in Europe.’

The Aberdeen site, located next to the fire training center, has more than 4,000 square feet of clinical training rooms, classrooms, and instructor offices. Iqarus’ team of eight full-time trainers will deliver medical and hostile environment training programs for remote and offshore medics, first responders, media, international travelers, and executives.

Iqarus also recently launched an immersive training ‘Center of Excellence’ in Hereford, which supports several training programs for front-line medical professionals by putting them through simulations.

According to the company, the Aberdeen and Hereford facilities will offer a range of training courses for individuals and businesses, enabling medics to deliver all aspects of pre-hospital emergency medicine, including techniques such as advanced airway management, cardiac resuscitation, and the management of trauma.

Ged Healy, executive director of training and development at Iqarus, said: “The Aberdeen center will expand training provision for North Sea users and those working in global locations. As businesses launch operations into more challenging operating environments, complex risks can arise for workers and our bespoke training is designed to equip them with the appropriate level of knowledge and skills to help keep them safe.”

Andrew Hames, chief commercial development officer, added: “We already train more than 2,000 people every year and, by enhancing medical proficiency and physical and mental resilience, we equip medical and executive personnel to succeed in demanding and complex environments.”

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