Iran: Bandar Abbas Reports Decrease in Port Incidents

Bandar Abbas Reports Decrease in Port Incidents

The Head of the Safety Department of Bandar Abbas port has said that this decrease in port incidents is due to the measures undertaken by his office such as casting analytical approach to the port incidents with a view to identify the risk factors and devising a sound solution to minimize them in operational areas.

Pointing to the incidents statistics associated with the port operation in 2012, Mr. Anahid, head of the port’s safety office, said that we have observed a good record of 30% decline in the port incidents. “Given the fact that approximately 90% of the container trade in Iran is conducted via Bandar Abbas port and more than 12000 people are working in the port and 80 major port companies are active in the port, adopting preventive measures in regard to the possible incidents is inevitable”, he said.

Disseminating the safety culture and development of the HSE Code were among the outstanding measures mentioned by the head of the safety office in preventing the incidents in Bandar Abbas port. He added that all the port equipment working in the port must obtain the safety certificate granted by the Port & Maritime Organization (PMO) as the great majority of the port incidents stem from the substandard and unsafe equipment.

PMO, March 18, 2013