Italdraghe Delivers New-Build SGT 250 Dredger to Local Town in Italy


Italdraghe has just delivered a new-build SGT 250 cutter suction dredger to the local Town Council of Pollica, in the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park in Southern Italy.

The economy of this beautiful resort is heavily reliant on its seasonal tourist industry, which in turn depends to a large degree upon its harbour and the beaches skirting around its coastline. Over the years a great deal of sand has been washed into the small port of Acciaroli which is now in desperate need of dredging if it is to remain fully functional. Taking a leaf out of the book of the nearby Town Council of Casalvelino which purchased a small PD 150 CSD from Italdraghe back in 2007, the Pollica authorities launched their own dredger tender at the end of 2010.

Although the dredger can work down to a depth of 8 metres, most dredging will take place in waters of no more than 5 metres in depth. Surveys have shown that the material to be removed consists of a variety of different types of solids ranging from very fine sand to pebbles and small stones of up to 160 mm in diameter. Once the initial urgent dredging work involving the removal of 40,000 cubic metres of solids has been completed, the CSD will be used for local beach nourishment and coastal maintenance projects throughout the year.

This SGT 250 dredger has a number of interesting features such as inclined full-view front cabin windows with darkened glass to protect against glare; a fully sound-proofed and insulated wood-lined cabin, overhead electronic operator controls, over-sized batteries for greater autonomy, a fully equipped onboard workbench in the engine room and a daily production logging system.

The dredger was supplied together with over 500 mm of extremely wear-resistant HDPE floating pipeline. As part of the turn key package, Italdraghe will also provide more than one month’s onsite training to local operators.



Source: Italdraghe, May 24, 2011;