Italy: SMIT Salvage Ready for Costa Concordia Oil Removal Operation

Italy- SMIT Salvage Ready for Costa Concordia Oil Removal Operation

At a press conference held on Saturday, 28 January, on the island of Giglio, SMIT Salvage and its partner Fratelli Neri provided a technical briefing on the oil removal operation.

A presentation and animation of the oil removal operation was provided to the press. A compilation of underwater video footage filmed by divers was also provided.

Two of the six forward fuel tanks have now been installed with a sealed flange and the remaining tanks are prepared. The six forward tanks are estimated to hold approximately two thirds of the (intermediate) fuel oil in the casualty.

Whilst the expectation was that the oil removal process would commence shortly after the press conference, operations were suspended on Saturday morning due to unfavourable weather conditions. The crane barge was disconnected from the casualty and brought into the protective port of the island Giglio.

“Weather permitting, we look forward to completing the preparations on the forward fuel tanks and commencing with the oil removal as soon as possible.” company said on its website


World Maritime News Staff, January 30, 2012; Image: Boskalis