iXBlue Sub-Bottom Profilers for SHOM

French Hydrographic Office SHOM has awarded iXBlue with a 4-year contract to equip their coastal hydrographic vessels and smaller hydrographic crafts.

iXBlue is providing ECHOES sub-bottom profilers and DELPH seabed mapping software to SHOM for shallow water hydrographic applications.

According to iXBlue, SHOM purchased multiple units of each model, including detachable gondolas so systems could be shared between vessels.

“We decided to select iXBlue sub-bottom profilers for our hydrographic crafts and vessels for the high data quality on tested systems in different natures of sediment and also for the facility of deployment and compatibility with other onboard hydrographic sensors such as multibeam echo sounder or side-scan sonar which led us to save time,” said Yann LE FAOU, SHOM Senior Sedimentologist.

Image: iXBlue

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