Jan De Nul : 12 Wind Turbine Foundations Depart Belgium

12 Wind Turbine Foundations Depart Belgium

In the port of Zeebrugge Jan De Nul NV, branch of Jan De Nul Group, is constructing 16 concrete wind turbine foundations by order of the Swedish client Eon.

The foundations were built on 2 pontoons in the inner harbour of Zeebrugge in 4 phases: concrete slab, retaining walls, central shaft and icecone. The height of these elements ranges from 15 to 25 m. The heaviest element weighs approximately 1,940 tons. What makes this project so unique is that the large and heavy foundation elements are constructed on pontoons and in a very short period of only 5 months.

The biggest pontoon departed the port successfully yesterday at 6 p.m.

The design, the construction, as well as the installation at sea are executed by Jan De Nul Group.


Despite its position as a world leader Jan De Nul Group is a family business in the true sense of the word. The family De Nul started early 20th century as a civil engineering contractor. In 1951 De Nul executed his very first dredging project. Since then the company became a world leader in dredging works. Today the company employs more than 6,000 people. The activities of Jan De Nul Group entail 3 main business units: dredging projects (including rock installation and offshore works), civil engineering and environmental activities. Thanks to the investments in its own personnel and material, Jan De Nul Group is the owner of the most modern and technologically advanced dredging fleet in the world.


Source: JAN DE NUL GROUP, August 21, 2012; Image: JAN DE NUL GROUP