Jan De Nul Provides Scour Protection for Butendiek OWF

In early 2014 the construction of the offshore wind farm Butendiek, located in the North Sea west of Sylt, started.

Jan De Nul Provides Scour Protection for Butendiek OWF

Butendiek comprises 80 turbines with each 3.6 MW, resulting in a total capacity of 288 MW. Jan De Nul Group is in charge of the installation of scour protection for the 80 monopiles.

The filter rock, approximately 71,000 tonnes, was loaded at the quarry and installed by the Fall Pipe Vessel Simon Stevin before installation of the monopile. The armour rock, approximately 123,000 tonnes, was installed by the vessel Tiger. In view of the large size of up to 1 m, the existing vessel Tiger was equipped with a 2 meter diameter inclined fall pipe to execute the works.

Jan De Nul disposes of an in-house engineering department which designs new equipment or works out modifications to existing material. This way, Jan De Nul can promptly respond to specific needs. Transforming Tiger into a Dynamic Positioned Rock Installation Vessel within a period of 3 months is a perfect example of this.

Press Release, September 22, 2014


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