Japan: Inpex Establishes Gas Supply & Infrastructure Unit

Inpex Establishes Gas Supply & Infrastructure Unit

INPEX of Japan said that it has decided to establish “Gas Supply & Infrastructure Division” and that it will reorganize its oversea project divisions.

Newly established “Gas Supply & Infrastructure Division” is responsible for planning, coordination and managing overall gas supply business in Japan including operation and management of Naoetsu LNG Terminal (planned to start operation in early 2014), natural gas pipeline network and other related facilities in order to reinforce domestic gas supply business.

“Gas Supply & Infrastructure Division” is composed of five Units: “Coordination & Administration Unit,” “Strategy & Planning Unit,” “Naoetsu LNG Terminal,” “Pipeline Operation & Maintenance Unit” and “Toyama Pipeline Construction Office.”

With the aforesaid establishment, existing two Divisions of “LNG Receiving Terminal Construction Division” and “Pipeline Construction Division” will be integrated into the new Division as “Naoetsu LNG Terminal” and “Toyama Pipeline Construction Office,” respectively.

In addition, “Pipeline Operation & Maintenance Unit,” which is currently under “Domestic Project Division” will be transferred to “Gas Supply & Infrastructure Division” and the related Units will be reorganized as well.

LNG World News Staff, May 20, 2013; Image: INPEX