Japan: NYK to Introduce Onboard Broadband Communication System on LNG Tankers

NYK to Introduce Onboard Broadband Communication System on LNG Tankers

NYK of Japan said it has decided to introduce an onboard broadband communication system on all its containerships with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions during ship operations.

Onboard tests of the broadband communication system started in October 2010 on various types of vessels, and the results have been studied. When the system is introduced as part of the IBIS (innovative bunker and idle-time saving) project that NYK has implemented on its containerships to achieve optimal economic ship operation, real-time large-volume data communication between land and ships can be achieved.

The results of the tests showed that the large volume of assorted data required for reducing CO2 emissions can be obtained in real time. The new system enables the acquisition of more specific weather and sea-current forecast information on board, improves the automatic transmission of ship operation data and ship operation monitoring on land, and speeds up information-sharing and communication between staff on land and on board vessels.

In response to these test results, NYK has decided to move from a testing phase to actual, sequential installation of the system on all its containerships to promote the IBIS project, and is to introduce the system onto car carriers, bulkers, tankers, and LNG carriers.


LNG World News Staff, March 9, 2012; Image: NYK