Japan: Tokyo Gas Feb Sales Rise 16 Percent YoY

Total gas sales volume by Japan’s Tokyo Gas, for the month of February 2012 came to about 1,455.159 million m3, increased by 200.626 million m3 (+16.0%) from February 2011.

In the residential sector, volume totaled 472.765 million m3, up 7.1% from February 2011, while in the business sector the volume was 272.452 million m3, up 5.9% compared to the volume in February 2011.

In the industrial sector, volume totaled about 490.637 million m3, up 37.5% from last year.

Volume for wholesale supply to other gas companies totaled about 219.304 million m3, up 10.1% from February 2011 due to increased demand of wholesale gas suppliers.

The total gas sales volume for the cumulative period of April 2011 to February 2012 was 12,351.873 million m3, up by 1.5%.


LNG World News Staff, March 14, 2012