JFD Puts Training Courses on Hold Due to COVID-19

JFD has decided to postpone all training courses within JFD’s portfolio in response to the global outbreak of COVID-19.

The full training programme will be reintroduced as soon as relevant Governments advice states that it is safe to do so.

Those who have booked a training course with JFD that has now been postponed will be placed on the next course that becomes available.

JFD also said that plans are in place and activated to ensure business continuity.

The company’s emergency services, submarine rescue and hyperbaric rescue, will continue to be manned and operate as required. However, non-essential activities may be postponed, especially in circumstances where personnel are required to be on site, or move between countries that are in lockdown or have border closures.

JFD does not foresee any office or site closures, unless this is imposed by Governments. Travel restrictions have been implemented in accordance with Government guidance.

The majority of JFD staff is working from home, but all main reception phone lines are manned, and receptionists will be able to forward calls to the relevant person, the company noted.