JFSE Redesigns Its Excavation Tool to Work in Very Shallow Waters

Subsea excavation specialist James Fisher Subsea Excavation (JFSE) has re-engineered one of its fleet in direct response to client requirements for excavations in particularly shallow water.

The re-engineering of this tool has made it capable of excavating at just one meter – the shallowest depth achievable in the controlled flow excavation (CFE) sector, the company noted.

The Twin R2000 Ultra Low Draft recently completed its first project uncovering sections of damaged cable and trenching the repaired sections. It is now set for a number of projects throughout the year.

Graham Murdoch, technical director at JFSE, said: “The addition of the Ultra Low Draft version to our range is already proving popular with clients, with this tool booked on a number of key projects in 2018.

“It is extremely versatile and can be used for trenching, deburial and backfilling works in water depths from one metre right through to 3,000 metres. This latest iteration of the design makes it by far the shallowest draft CFE tool on the market.”

The Twin R2000 Ultra Low Draft will be based in Aberdeenshire, UK in order to mobilise for clients in the North Sea and wider European markets where there has been a particular demand for shallow water excavations.