Joint 2D Multi-Client Seismic Acquisition Kicks Off in Indonesia

2D Multi-Client Seismic Acquisition Kicks Off in Indonesia

Spectrum, in partnership with CGGVeritas and GeoData Ventures, have commenced a broadband 2D Multi-Client seismic survey offshore West Timor, Indonesia, utilizing CGGVeritas’ state-of-the-art BroadSeisTM technology.

The largely prefunded program will cover 3,340 km over the Timor trough, with CGGVeritas providing acquisition and processing services. The survey is situated within an underexplored region with a complex geology, making the combination of BroadSeisTM acquisition and pre-stack depth migration (PSDM) the optimal technology solution for this area. Final deliverables are expected to be available in November 2012.

In an e-mail sent to Offshore Energy Today, Spectrum COO, Jan Schoolmeesters commented, “There has been an increased interest in broadband acquisition and imaging technology, particularly in areas with highly complex overburden and play types. It is exciting for Spectrum to have access to CGGV’s high-tech BroadSeisTM solution and use it to help identify the exploration potential of West Timor. We are convinced that BroadSeisTM Multi-Client surveys over complex areas will add significant value to our library going forward. ”

Offshore Energy Today, March 12, 2012