KCC to equip new ship quartet with Silvestream’s air lubrication tech

Norwegian shipowner Klaveness Combination Carriers (KCC) has decided to retrofit four additional vessels with air lubrication technology developed by UK’s cleantech company Silverstream Technologies.

Klaveness Combination Carriers (KCC)

The technology will be first installed on CLEANBUs Barracuda and Barramundi, with CABUs Balboa and Baffin due to follow. They join the already outfitted MV Ballard and upcoming MV Baru, bringing the total number of KCC vessels fitted with Silverstream’s technology to six.

The technology Silvestream Systems uses a series of air release units (ARUs) located along the flat bottom of the vessel. Oil-free compressors generate pressurized air that is sent through the ARUs, creating a layer of microbubbles that lubricate the hull, thereby reducing the friction between the hull and water.

This reduction leads to a decrease in net fuel consumption and the subsequent CO2 emissions, according to Silverstream Technologies.

“Improving the energy efficiency of our fleet through proven and reliable technologies is crucial to our commitment of delivering cost-effective decarbonization for our customers. Early performance data from the first installation of the Silverstream solution on MV Ballard in September confirms a fuel consumption reduction in line with our expectations. We look forward to expanding its rollout,” KCC CEO Engebret Dahm commented.

“Our collaboration with KCC goes from strength to strength. They are a great collaboration partner for Silverstream Technologies and we are proud to support them on their journey towards net zero. The wet and dry bulk segment is an important one for Silverstream and we are pleased to be able to demonstrate the savings our Silverstream® System achieves in-service on these efficient combination carriers,” Silverstream Technologies Founder & CEO Noah Silberschmidt added.

Recently, KCC revealed that MV Ballard, the youngest vessel in the CABU fleet, completed dry dock and a series of sea trials after installing an air lubrication system developed by Silverstream Technologies.

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It is expected the Silverstream solution will reduce emissions by an average of 5-7% on KCC’s vessels. In combination with the other energy efficiency measures underway in the fleet, this figure ranges approximately 15% when compared against performance as newbuilds.

In addition to the agreed four vessels, KCC carries options for vessels built 2016-2021 to also equip the technology.

Meanwhile, Silverstream Technologies has signed an agency agreement with equipment and technical services provider Franman to support sales of the Silverstream System within Greece. Franman will act as a representative for Silverstream in the market and reach more potential end users of the technology to explore how it could be incorporated across their fleets.

According to Silverstream Technologies, accessing clean technology will become increasingly commercially important for Greek shipowners. Greek shipowners control more than one-fifth of the world’s entire fleet, totalling approximately 5,514 vessels, or 21% of the global fleet in deadweight ton (dwt) terms. The Greek-owned fleet also represents 59% of the total EU-controlled fleet, according to the International Trade Administration.