Kokam, Shift Clean Energy team up on battery solutions for marine market

Canadian energy storage solutions provider Shift Clean Energy and its South Korean counterpart Kokam, part of SolarEdge Technologies, have entered a long-term partnership for the marine market.


Together, Shift and Kokam aim to help transform the inland waterways, ports and windfarms of the world by offering these different verticals, zero-emission solutions over the next few years, well ahead of the goals set out by the International Marine Organization (IMO) of achieving 50% reduction in emissions by 2050.

Specifically designed for commercial and industrial applications, Shift’s battery design with Kokam battery cells is said to deliver a “robust” industrial energy storage solution (ESS).

According to the duo, the solution is also a significant factor in helping to drive the transition from diesel to electricity in marine applications.

Kokam’s battery cells ensure less heat creation and efficient heat dissipation in order to minimize energy loss. At the same time, the cells support vigorous and continuous operations, allowing for a safe, stable and durable battery system that can withstand challenging conditions over time, the companies explained.

Shift said that its cooling system provides benefits to customers looking to electrify propulsion systems in the marine sector. Its ESS provides fire prevention and durability when tested at temperatures as high as 950° Celsius for over an hour.

“We are proud to work with Kokam, our partner of choice,” Brent Perry, CEO, Shift Clean Energy, said.

“Our customers can now be confident that when they are choosing Shift to provide them with a climate action solution using electrification, they are getting the advanced lithium cells from Kokam.”

“Kokam is delighted to be working with Shift on developing versatile battery solutions for marine applications. We are proud to be a part of Shift’s creative solutions with our … cell technologies. We will continue to develop solutions that contribute to decarbonizing marine power sources to further a more sustainable future,” Ike Hong, CMO of Kokam, commented.