Kongsberg to provide 24/7 support for OMV drilling ops

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Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies AS, has signed a four-year, multi-million dollar drilling data contract with Vienna-based OMV Group for all of its global drilling activities.

Kongsberg to provide 247 support for OMV drilling ops

The contract calls for KONGSBERG to equip OMV with the SiteCom® real-time operations support solution, which will provide 24/7 monitoring and support services to OMV headquarters and globally to all their drilling locations. The system will allow OMV local drilling teams to access real-time data and to use the tools to decrease operational risk, improve well construction and placement, increase long-term productivity and hence improve the economies of its projects.

Real-time drilling data is gathered on the rig from all connected sources, including mudlogging service, directional drilling service, cementing and special operations.
Embedding real-time drilling data as part of real-time headquarters support, OMV local drilling teams can avoid non-productive time by implementing early warning technology to alert operators to abnormal operational developments. With this data, they can make more immediate, more informed, and more efficient decisions collaboratively on how best to minimise drilling challenges.

“Real-time operations support increases collaboration across our global drilling organization,” says Senior Drilling Engineer at OMV, Richard Kucs. “It must be easy and simple for the rig team and local well engineering team to get timely additional support, either from within OMV or external local experts to help them find the best way forward for their drilling operations. With this global platform, KONGSBERG will be the ‘data highway’ for all real-time data for OMV. Our other application vendors will consume parts of this information stream to provide further specialized services along with KONGSBERG,” concludes Kucs.

“KONGSBERG is extremely pleased to have been selected to partner with OMV and help achieve their vision of deriving incremental business value from their range of drilling activities across diverse assets,” adds Matt Regan, Global Sales Manager, Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies. “As the central ‘hub’ driving OMV’s wider portfolio of performance optimization tools, both parties look forward to achieving consistent improvements in wellbore delivery.”


Press Release, July 11, 2014


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