KOTC Names Two New Tankers

KOTC celebrated naming of the two tankers “Dasma” and “Boubyan”.

KOTC Names 'Dasma' and 'Boubyan' Tankers

Naming of the new tankers comes within Phase III for fleet revamping that includes building 4 medium-range oil product tankers, 1 long-term petroleum product tanker AFRAMAX LR-2 being built by Hyundai Mipo and 4 supertankers VLCC being built by Daewoo.

Dasma and Boubyan tankers are expected to be delivered in this and next month after they complete sea trials. After this delivery the company fleet will include 25 different-size and multi-purpose tankers.

As for the petroleum product tanker “Boubyan”, its load is up to approximately 340,000 barrels. It is approximately 186 m long, 32.2m wide, with a draft up to 18.5m, speed of 15.5 knots/hr and discharge of load in full in less than 19 hours. Supertanker Dasma’s load is approximately 820,000 barrels. It is approximately 250m long, 42m wide with a draft up to 21.5m and speed of 15.2 knots/hr.

KOTC has already took delivery of 2 tankers within Phase III for fleet revamping on 6th March 2014, namely, oil supertanker Al-Funtas from Daewoo and the petroleum product tanker Burgan from Hyundai Mipo Corp.

KOTC, March 21, 2014

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