Largest Rig Upgrade Deal for Semco (Denmark)

Denmark: Semco to Upgrade Transocean Leader Rig

Denmark-based Semco Maritime has secured a rig upgrade order from the world’s largest rig operator Transocean. The project will be carried out in Norway and involves a staff of 700 people.

Semco Maritime has just been awarded a new contract for the upgrade of the rig “Transocean Leader”. The project amounts to some USD 50.5 million and is the company’s largest single rig upgrade order so far. The upgrade will begin this summer and will be carried out at the Hanøytangen, a yard 30 kilometres north of Bergen.

”With the new order we are able to maintain and expand our leading position on the rig upgrade market in the North Sea area. The project is extensive and complex and involves more than 180 different partial contract work disciplines. We will draw on the full spectrum of our professional expertise and experience in this field”, says Hans Peter Jørgensen, Senior Vice President, Semco Maritime.

Up to 100 days of work

Transocean Leader” is a semi-submersible rig able to operate in water depths up to 1,400 metres. The large rig, which operates in the Norwegian part of the North Sea, is expected to call at the yard in Hanøytangen during July where Semco Maritime will start rebuilding, repairing and upgrading the rig.

The total project will last for 90 to 100 days and will involve up to 700 people. The contract will be completed in close co-operation between Semco Maritime in Norway and Denmark with assistance from subcontractors from a number of countries.

50,000 overnight stays

”With the large number of employees, the project also provides a huge logistic challenge, which will include organising around 50,000 overnight stays, 3,500 flights and meals for up to 700 people three times a day”, says Hans Peter Jørgensen.

The ”Transocean Leader” contract follows in the wake of two similar contracts which Semco Maritime carried out for Transocean in Norway last year, however, the new contract being considerably larger.

”This new project gives us a solid platform in our focus on the Norwegian rig upgrade market. Last year we managed to get a firm foothold on the Norwegian market and we have high expectations to the future development. The market is one of the key focus areas in our strategy of being the preferred supplier to rig operators in the entire North Sea area”, says Hans Peter Jørgensen.

Source: Semco-Maritime, June 5, 2012