LaSalle Park Shoreline Project Moving Forward

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District, and the City of Buffalo have signed an amended Project Partnership Agreement for the LaSalle Park Shoreline Protection, allowing the project to move forward fully-funded by the federal government.

After the project received $3.7 million from the 2018 Continuing Authority Supplemental Appropriations an amended PPA was necessary to change the project from cost shared 65% federal, 35% non-federal to 100% federally funded.

The project will repair approximately 1,300 feet of seawall of the northern section of LaSalle Park, Buffalo, NY, seawall fronting the Colonel F.G. Ward Pumping Station that has deteriorated over time due to Lake Erie ice and wave action.

The contract for the construction phase is expected in the next couple of weeks with construction starting as early fall of 2019.

The LaSalle Park Shoreline Protection project was one of two Buffalo District projects funded under the Continuing Authority Supplemental Appropriations, the other being the project along Route 5 at Athol Springs, in partnership with New York State Department of Transportation.