Life DemoWave clears permitting hurdles

Life DemoWave project has secured a permit to deploy wave energy converters for trials off the coast of Galicia, Spain.

The agreement, allowing the Life DemoWave project to install two wave energy prototypes at the experimental site in Punta Langosteira, was signed on May 18, 2017, between the leader of the project, Quantum Innovative, and the Energy Institute of Galicia (INEGA) that manages the deployment site.

The Life DemoWave team also said it is currently working on the construction of two 25kW prototypes, which will be deployed at the site to demonstrate the viability of using wave energy converters for power production.

The project also aims to highlight the environmental benefits of the system, by quantifying the reduction of carbon footprint and other pollutants along the entire cycle, and identifying and minimizing its impact on biodiversity.

Life DemoWave project, with the total budget of €1.8 million, was awarded €1 million through LIFE program – the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action.

The project will run for two years, until September 2018, involving a multidisciplinary consortium which, in addition to Quantum Innovative, also includes the University of Vigo, CETMAR, Advanced Crew and Ship Management (ACSM), Hércules Control (HCTech), and Grupo Josmar.