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LIQVIS LNG stations added to DKV’s network

Mobility service provider DKV Euro Service has partnered with Uniper’s unit LIQVIS to expand the European LNG filling station network. 

LIQVIS has already opened its first LNG station in Grünheide (Mark) near Berlin, and a second station in Lohfelden, in the district of Kassel, will be the first of a number of locations to follow at the beginning of 2020, Uniper said in a statement.

LIQVIS is now getting ready to open further stations in various regions, including Bönen, Hamburg and Hanover. DKV is currently partnered with over 60 LNG stations across Europe.

“LNG is becoming increasingly important. In addition to the rising demand in Germany, we also receive requests from foreign transporters who use Germany as a transit country and who are interested in LNG because of the toll exemption for LNG trucks,” says Sven Mehringer, managing director fuel & energy at DKV. “We are therefore delighted to have found a strong partner in LIQVIS to further expand our supply network.”

Silvano Calcagno, managing director of LIQVIS, “LIQVIS plans to gradually expand its network of LNG stations to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly LNG fuel. Now that DKV cards are accepted at LIQVIS LNG stations, we are hoping that this will convince other transport companies to switch to LNG. LIQVIS also offers support for those switching to LNG, such as providing trainings on how to use our filling stations.”

In addition, by switching to LNG, operators can refuel their vehicles with a large amount of natural gas, meaning that their fleets can travel long distances, the statement reads.

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