LNG Blue Corridors Project: First Refueling Stations to Open

LNG Blue Corridors Project: First Refueling Stations to Open

The LNG Blue Corridors project, in which NGVA Europe participates, aims to improve knowledge and awareness of LNG as an alternative fuel for medium and long distance road transport. The mission is to establish LNG as a real alternative for transport – first as a complementary fuel and later as an adequate substitute for diesel.

To accomplish its objectives the initiative has defined a roadmap of LNG refueling points along four corridors covering the Atlantic area, the Mediterranean region and connecting Europe’s South with the North and its West and East accordingly. In order to establish a sustainable transport network for Europe, the project has furthermore set the goal to build up a fleet of approximately 100 heavy duty vehicles powered by LNG.

Opening of first filling stations

By March 2014, 5 out of the 14 locations for new refueling stations have been specified and on 9 April NGVA Europe member Eni will inaugurate the first station in Piacenza (Italy) covering the project’s Mediterranean Corridor. Eni’s facility will be able to provide both LNG and CNG.

In the weeks to come, additional stations will be opened in Belgium (concretely in Kallo, Antwerpen) by Drivesystems, as well as in Örebro, Sweden, (South-North Corridor) by Energigas Sverige (The Swedish Gas Association). Further confirmed supply points will be located in Lisbon (Portugal) and Malaga (Spain) with the locations of the remaining facilities to be confirmed soon by the project consortium.

Fleet of LNG-fuelled heavy duty vehicles

The project’s plans to connect 11 European countries by road using LNG trucks are ongoing, and applications from fleet owners are currently being evaluated. During this procedure, different aspects have been discussed with future clients, such as the major routes carried out (both national and international) plus the potential future routes, number and models to be included in the LNG Blue Corridors, as well as estimations concerning the annual mileage per truck and their usual working weights, among other aspects.

The first two LNG heavy duty vehicles, property of association member Transportes Monfort, have already been co-funded by the LNG Blue Corridors recently. The intention is to present the results of the first performance in the weeks to come.


Source: NGVA Europe, March 17, 2014


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