LNG bunkering volumes up in Port of Rotterdam

LNG bunkering volumes up in Port of Rotterdam
Image courtesy of Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam reported the throughput of LNG as bunker fuel increased considerably from 1,500 tonnes in 2017 to 9,500 tonnes in 2018.

“Titan LNG, Shell and Anthony Veder have now also registered as LNG bunker specialists in the Rotterdam port. The Port Authority is expecting to have ten suppliers within five years and a considerable increase in LNG bunkering,” the port said in a statement.

To add, only 100 tonnes of LNG as fuel were bunkered at the port in 2016.

However, the port noted that the sale of bunker fuels in 2018 dropped 4.1 percent compared to the previous year.

The port noted the sales decreased from 9.9 million cubic meters to 9.5 million cubic meters.

The decrease can almost entirely be ascribed to the decline in sales of heavy fuel oil from 8.3 million meters to 7.9 million cubic meters, the port said.

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