LOC Group Reaps Floating Solar Benefits

Marine and engineering consultancy LOC Group said it has made further progress into the growing floating solar photovoltaic market in Asia and Europe.

Post the acquisition of INNOSEA in 2018, LOC has been involved in more than 300MWp of FPV projects in Asia and Europe.

The company’s first project in the floating PV market entailed owners engineering services for a 17MWp O’MEGA1 project for Akuo, in France.

Since then, it has been involved in FPV projects covering a multitude of different roles, including owner’s engineering, engineering design, expertise and numerical modelling of dynamic behaviour under wind and wave loads.

Other specific projects have also included: conceptual and basic mooring design for a 15MWp project in Region Sud, engineering design work for a seawater lakes solar PV project, R&D work with HelioRec for offshore floating solar technology and material selection against corrosion for a seawater floating solar PV project in Taiwan.

R V Ahilan, CEO of LOC Group, said: “We are delighted with the progress LOC has made in the FPV market, since the acquisition of INNOSEA in 2018. Through INNOSEA, we offer a comprehensive solution for clients in this market, which naturally plays to our strengths in other marine related areas. The pursuit to decarbonise global economies means the FPV market is set to grow exponentially over the coming years, and LOC is well placed to benefit from this uptick in activity. As a business, we look forward to continuing to support new and existing clients as they develop additional projects, across different geographies.”