LOOP resumes offshore offloading operations

LOOP’s Offshore Marine Terminal in Louisiana that suspended its crude oil offloading operations on August 13 resumed normal operations Friday, August 22.

LOOP resumes offshore offloading operations

“LOOP resumed normal offloading operations effective 0012 hours on August 22, 2014. LOOP is expediting the pumping schedule to meet customer needs,” the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) said in a statement.

Tankers had been unable to offload their crude oil cargo since August 13, when LOOP suspended offloading activities at its Offshore Marine Terminal to look into an oil sheen discovered along the LOOP pipeline right-of-way.

LOOP, Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, is the largest point of entry for crude oil coming into the U.S.„ The deepwater port is located 18 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico in 110 ft. of water.„ LOOP receives crude oil from two sources: Large ships carrying crude oil to the US from foreign countries and domestic deepwater oil production wells operating in the Gulf of Mexico.


August 25, 2014


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