Los Elektro to Repair Electrical Equipment on ‘Island Innovator’ Rig

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Tilting rig. Image courtesy of Rune Meyer Berentsen. Bergen Tidende.

Norwegian company Los Elektro has secured a job onboard the Island Innovator semi-submersible rig. The contract value is between 15 and 25 million NOK.

Under the contract, the company will replace cables and electrical equipment which were damaged when the rig tilted in the Hanøytangen yard on the last day of May.

Los Energy said in a statement that the contract value is only a rough estimate and could not say anything about how large the scope of work will be in the end.

According to Bomlo-nytt, the company’s managing director Inge Reidar Kallevåg said that the works should take approximately 60 days to be completed.

He added that the work will be challenging and also said that the company would work day and night to finish the job on time.

To remind, the Island Innovator tilted on May 31, 2013, when a leakage occurred through a seawater inlet to a pump room in a pontoon in the rig’s substructure. When the incident occurred, 100 persons were working on board the rig. One person was lightly injured and was given medical assistance in the yard. 63 persons were evacuated from the rig following the incident.

This is the third tilting incident in Norway in nine months.  “Scarabeo 8″ tilted in the Barents Sea in September 2012, while the “Floatel Superior” lost stability in the North Sea in November.

Roy Erling Furre, HSE manager at SAFE said: It is unacceptable that we repeatedly find that rigs lose stability. Enough is enough, now we have to press supervisory authorities and ensure that the entire rig industry learns from these events.”

Island Innovator is a recently constructed semi-submersible unit built by COSCO in China, based on a GM4000 design.


Offshore Energy Today Staff, June 13, 2013


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