Lundin Hires Apply for Edvard Grieg Pre-Op Services

Apply by Apply Sørco’s Operations and Engineering Services department (O&ES) has been awarded a contract by Lundin relating to Pre-Operations Services for the Edvard Grieg field in the Norwegian part of the North Sea.


Lundin Hires Apply for Edvard Grieg Pre-Op Services


“The contract is important, both in that it will generate significant volumes for the department and in terms of Apply engaging with a new and innovative client,” said Apply in a press release.

The contract’s content and scope is major and various. Edvard Grieg is Lundin’s first field where Lundin itself is operator, necessitating the generation of a significant amount of both governing and informative operational documentation.

“We will produce all such documentation for the field: system descriptions, operations procedures, administrative offshore procedures, manuals, wall-charts and a host of other essential operations documentation,” Apply said.

Apply will also establish a training program and materials for all Lundin personnel who will work on Edvard Grieg. This comprises system courses, self-studies, on-the-job training and E-learning modules. In connection with E-learning, we have chosen Mediafarm as our supplier and collaborative partner.

In addition, the contract has several options covering personnel for offshore positions, verification of offshore personnel skill and competence, establishment of emergency procedures /programs and a system for competence management (CMS), among other things.

The contract is effective from 1st October 2013, with all documentation and training material requiring completion before the end of August 2015. At its peak, there will be some 12-15 people working on the project which will be managed by Marlein Undheim.

Edvard Grieg (formerly Luno) lies around 35km south of the Grane and Balder fields. The platform is an integrated living quarters, and production platform supported by a steel jacket. The topside and jacket will be designed and built by Kværner. At start-up, there will be 11 production wells and 4 water injection wells, which are planned for the first quarter of 2015. The installation is built for coordinated development with the Ivar Aasen field.

The Edvard Grieg license is presently split between Lundin (50% and operator), OMV (20%), Wintershall (15%) and Statoil (15%).

November 13, 2013