M5tec, ROSEN, Renown to Deliver New Gas Pipeline Testing Rig Solution

M5tec, ROSEN Group and Renown Engineering have teamed up to deliver a bespoke rig for the testing of gas pipelines.

ROSEN engaged with M5tec with a design brief for a test rig, which needed to simultaneously induce a tensile, torsion and bending force to a fitting connected to a variety of pipe diameters.

An agreed design concept was put through detailed 3D modelling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), followed by the production of manufacturing drawings for ROSEN.

Renown supported the project by producing the test rig’s frame, before the final product was assembled at ROSEN’s test facility.

The next stage of the project will see ROSEN perform a series of tests to support the approval of the product for the gas industry.

Chris Wood, principal engineer and Test Facility manager at ROSEN, said: “ROSEN required conceptual and detailed designs ahead of the test rig’s fabrication with tight delivery targets. After being introduced to M5tec at an NOF Energy event in the summer of 2017, we decided to collaborate. M5tec provided us with expert engineering design services to allow us to meet our project requirements and deadlines.”

Carl Jones, M5tec’s operations pirector, added: “Our time-served engineers bring experience and knowledge with them from previous engineering backgrounds, which allowed our team to deliver high-quality designs to ROSEN. The communication between ROSEN and M5tec was excellent, which was definitely influenced by our existing relationship from Subsea North East.”