Mackley Returns to Shoreham for More Works

Mackley has returned to the West Sussex town of Shoreham to re-construct a river wall on the northern bank of the River Adur.

Image source: Mackley

The project is being carried out as part of a package of enabling works for Wates Residential – ahead of the construction of 500 residential units.

To date works have comprised of the installation of 250 continuous flight auger (CFA) piles which will provide the foundation for the new reinforced concrete river wall.

Mackley is currently installing new steel sheet piles – which will form part of the improved river wall.

The new steel piles are 16m long and are installed using a piling press, which allows the piles to be installed without disturbing the adjacent existing structures.

Returning to Shoreham

Between 2016 and 2019, Mackley was responsible for carrying out a major tidal defense scheme in Shoreham – significantly reducing flood risk to thousands of properties.

The defenses cover 1.8km on the east bank of the River Adur between Coronation Green and the A27 road bridge – and 5.4km on the west bank between the river mouth and the A27 road bridge.

They are formed of embankments, sheet pile walls, rock revetments, flood glass, and property level protection, and are designed to last for 100 years – though have been built so that they can easily be further raised after 50 years if necessary.