Maersk Broker to Take a Major Share in NAODAN Chartering

Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering has reached an agreement to become a major shareholder in NAODAN Chartering.

Under the deal, Maersk Broker is to take the share in the dry-cargo ship brokerage company as of January 1, 2019.

NAODAN Chartering will subsequently continue to focus on its business out of the West Coast of the USA, West Coast Canada and Alaska, and the trading activities will continue to be carried out under the name of NAODAN Chartering.

“We are confident that this new venture will increase our joint presence within the Pacific market and indeed globally,” Maersk Broker informed.

By entering the US West Coast, West Coast Canada and the Alaskan market place, Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering would be able to continue to grow its business within the dry cargo chartering market.

The company unveiled the acquisition move only days after it agreed to merge with Wonsild Dry, which will become a fully integrated part of the company, as of January 2019. The combined activities will be trading as Maersk Broker Bulk Chartering, the company earlier said, adding that Wonsild’s tanker activities would not be affected by or be part of this transaction.