Malaysian oil & gas services provider performs ‘Asia’s first reverse S-lay’

Malaysian oil and gas services provider Sapura Energy has completed what it says is the first reverse S-lay pipeline operation in Asia.

Source: Sapura Energy

The company’s heavy-lift pipelaying vessel Sapura 1200 performed the reverse S-lay pipeline decommissioning technique in a pipeline removal campaign in Thailand.

Sapura Energy noted that it had supported its long-term client in Thailand with the safe retrieval and removal of decommissioned subsea pipelines from the seabed.

Source: Sapura Energy

“The dedication, commitment to safety, and collaborative and innovative spirit demonstrated by our Engineering & Construction team at Sapura Energy Thailand during this campaign, as well as the performance in the previous campaign using the Sapura 2000, received an award from the same client,” Sapura Energy said.

Talking about recent news coming from the company, Sapura Energy reported a batch of contracts with Brazilian state-owned oil and gas giant Petrobras.

Namely, last month, Sapura Subsea Services was awarded a contract for the provision of Pan Malaysia underwater services for Sarawak Shell and Sabah Shell Petroleum Company, as well as for PTTEP Sabah Oil Limited for Package B1 – Sabah (Deepwater) and PTTEP Sarawak Oil Limited for Package C1 – Sarawak.

The company then announced earlier in May that it had secured $1.8 billion worth of contracts with Petrobras for six multi-purpose pipe-laying support vessels (PLSVs).