MAN Rollo gensets ordered for Van Oord’s LNG-powered crane vessel

MAN Rollo gensets ordered for Van Oord's LNG-powered crane vessel
Image courtesy of MAN Rollo

Engines supplier for the industrial and maritime sector, MAN Rollo, will provide three LNG generator sets for Van Oord’s crane vessel Werkendam. 

The vessel is being built at Neptune Shipyards in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, and it is the first LNG powered vessel for both the yard and Van Oord, MAN Rollo said.

Together the three generator sets will provide a power supply of 1.425KW, an LNG storage tank of 38 cubic meters will be placed on the rear deck.

This ensures enough fuel to sail and operate for two weeks without stopping to refuel, MAN Rollo said.

Image courtesy of MAN Rollo

Werkndam will be 68.4 meters long with a hopper capacity of 700 cubic meters and a crane with a 25-ton lifting capacity at 16 meters.

The three LNG generator sets that the company will deliver to Van Oord is its second LNG order following the delivery of LNG generator sets for the Helgoland ferry operated by shipping company Cassen Eils, which has been in service since December 2015.