MAN targets offshore drilling. Launches PA6 B Offshore GenSet

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MAN Diesel & Turbo has announced the launch of its PA6 B Offshore GenSet (OG).

The company says that the new engine is specifically targeted at semi-submersible drilling rigs.

The PA6 B is a four-stroke, medium-speed engine built at MAN Diesel & Turbo’s St. Nazaire, France facility from where the company has sold the engine for many years. St. Nazaire will assemble individual PA6 B OG units together with an alternator in constructing the new, offshore GenSets. Typically, 8 × 16PA6 B OG units are installed aboard a semi-submersible both for main and emergency power supply.

PA6 B background

Te PA6 B was originally developed in the 1960s. Currently, more than 1,000 engines of the PA class are in service globally.

MAN targets offshore drilling. Launches PA6 B Offshore GenSet_

In developing the new OG-variant, the original PA6 B engine has been much adapted to meet current market demands. One major innovation has been on the emissions front with the result that the PA6 B OG is now Tier II-compliant and can also meet Tier III regulations with the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technique. The company notes that another key development is that the PA6 B OG now employs SaCoSone, MAN Diesel & Turbo’s proven engine-safety-and-control system, while the range of turbochargers suitable for operation with the new engine has accordingly been updated.

Qualified for offshore

The PA6 B OG is a compact, lightweight, and robust powerhouse with remarkably low noise-emissions and vibrations. Its power range from 4,440 to 7,400 kW makes it suitable for diesel-electric propulsion and power generation in the offshore segment.

According to the company, the PA6 B engine is highly resistant to shock and the offshore GenSet can deal with tilts of up to 25° in any direction. Its ability to handle transient load increases and long-term, low-load operation are also noteworthy, while its proven design and the use of high-class OEM components facilitate long maintenance intervals.

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