Managing Coastal Erosion at Mettams Pool

The City of Stirling, Western Australia, is working with the community to investigate engineering options to address ongoing coastal erosion at Mettams Pool.

To do this, the city is inviting a feedback from residents and ratepayers on what they value about Mettams Pool, its facilities and amenity.

Following a series of storms in 2009 that significantly impacted coastal infrastructure at Watermans Bay, the city commissioned a Strategic Coastal Processes Study, which was reported to the city council in May 2017.

This study allowed the city to better understand the coastal processes, determine which areas of the coastline were most at risk and identify what those risks were.

The city is now investigating a range of coastal engineering options, with the aim of balancing the protection of West Coast Drive with retaining or enhancing the attributes of Mettams Pool so valued by the community.

“This feedback will largely inform the development of a range of engineering options and determine how the infrastructure at Mettams Pool can be adapted to optimise the unique features of the place as well as manage future coastal erosion,” the city said in its release.

The deadline for submitting the comment is June 16 and a forum on these issues will be held at Charles Riley Memorial Reserve on July 6 from 2pm to 4pm.

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