Marin Teknikk to Design Offshore Vessel for Debmarine Namibia

Kleven Verft has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Debmarine Namibia to build a new offshore vessel of Marin Teknikk MT6027 design. 

The vessel will follow the MT6022 SS Nujoma delivered in 2016 to Debmarine Namibia.

The new vessel, with a length of 177 meters and a breadth of 27 meters, will be the largest ship ever designed by Marin Teknikk, the company said.

The equipment to be installed is developed by De Beers, specialized for finding diamonds laying in a 4-5 meters thick sediment layer.

According to the company, the new vessel will accommodate 109 people and is designed according to the class notation ECO (Clean Design). High focus is given to low fuel consumption, which reduces emission to the environment.

The vessel is equipped with diesel electric frequency controlled propulsion, highly efficient azimuth thrusters, 4P mooring system and dynamic positioning system, Marin Teknikk noted.

We are very pleased to announce this contract,” said CEO Svein-Rune Gjerde, “a contract that will secure a lot of work for our employees, both in Norway and Poland the coming months.”