Mariner Injured On Board NOC’s RRS Discovery

A mariner on board Royal Research Ship (RRS) Discovery was injured in the early hours of July 28, whilst moving a large item of scientific equipment from the deck to the hanger.

After various media sources reported that the mariner was injured on board Fugro’s R/V Discovery, Subsea World News contacted Fugro for details. However, Fugro denied the reports and said that the vessel in question was in fact RRS Discovery operated by National Oceanography Centre (NOC).

Subsea World News team also reached out to NOC seeking confirmation of these reports. The company did confirm that the incident occurred on board RRS Discovery.

Furthermore, the NOC spokesperson said that after the incident the mariner was removed from the ship and taken to hospital.

His injuries are thankfully minor and he is now on his way home,” the spokesperson wrote in an email.

RRS Discovery is currently in the Celtic Sea undertaking research as part of the Shelf Seas Biogeochemistry programme.

The aim of the research is to reduce the uncertainty in understanding of nutrient and carbon cycling within the shelf seas, and of their role in global biogeochemical cycles.

The cruise will continue and RRS Discovery will return to the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton on September 02 as planned, the spokesperson added.

Subsea World News Staff