Marseille Fos’ Passenger, Cargo Volumes Surge in July

The French port of Marseille Fos has experienced a “hot month” as it reported a surge in cargo volumes and passenger numbers during July.

Marseille Fos handled 18.6% more cargo during the month, amounting to a total of 7.8 million tonnes, against the same month in 2015, while the port’s passenger numbers increased by 13% to 387,000 for the period.

General cargo was up by 8% to a total of 1.64 million tons, reflecting the growth in all three sectors, containers, ro-ro and conventional.

Container throughput rose 11% to more than one million tonnes, representing a 12% unit increase to 112,768 TEU.

Liquid bulks were 26% better at 5.11 million tons. Oil and gas volumes rose 28% to 4.76 million tons, which included crude imports up 41% on 3 million tons and LNG surged by 71% to 0.62 million tons. Liquid chemicals and agro-products saw a 4% increase to 0.35 million tons.

Additionally, dry bulks gained 3% for 1.07 million tons, largely due to imports of raw materials for the steel industry rising by 8% to 0.79 million tons.

Passenger throughput was notable for a 31% increase in cruise numbers to 199,000. Those in transit rose 36% to 149,000, while the home port total of 50,000 marked an 18% improvement. Ferry carryings on North Africa and Corsica services were 1% down on July last year at 188,000.

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