Matson supports LNG fuel pathway as it joins SEA-LNG coalition

American transportation and logistics company Matson has become the latest member of SEA-LNG, the multi-sector industry coalition established to demonstrate the benefits of the LNG fuel pathway for shipping’s decarbonisation.

Courtesy of Matson/SEA-LNG
Courtesy of Matson/SEA-LNG

Matson’s core values are said to align well with SEA-LNG’s, with the company prioritising the environment, safety, innovation and integrity in all of its operations.

Matson is already working collaboratively across the shipping industry to promote positive change and mitigate the industry’s environmental impact.

It has also invested in sustainability across the company, for example in the design of new vessels. Matson recognises the central role that the LNG pathway will play in moving shipping towards a net-zero future.

Next year, it will become one of the first shipping companies to convert existing containerships to LNG operation. Retrofits of dual-fuel systems can future-proof investments and reduce the risk of stranded assets. They offer shipowners a viable pathway to net-zero emissions by 2050, while also providing optionality, more stable costs and lower emissions along the way.

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The LNG pathway is also a practical route to net zero. BioLNG, which can be carbon-neutral depending on the feedstock, is already commercially available as a drop-in bunker fuel – and production continues to scale up rapidly. Meanwhile, once sufficient volumes of renewable hydrogen come online, renewable synthetic e-LNG will be a net-zero fuel option that is more energy-dense than alternatives and benefits from existing LNG infrastructure.

“The LNG pathway is an important part of our strategy for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of our fleet by 40% by 2030 and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050,” Matt Cox, Chairman and CEO, Matson, said.

“The transition to bioLNG and in the longer term e-LNG, as well as continuing to improve the commercial availability of conventional LNG worldwide, will be critical to achieving our goals. We believe SEA-LNG will be a valuable partner on this journey and we look forward to working with them.”

“We are pleased to have … Matson onboard. With its long history of positive innovation in the important and environmentally sensitive markets it serves, Matson will add valuable expertise to the coalition. We are also pleased to be able to help the company achieve its critical decarbonisation aims through the LNG pathway,” Peter Keller, Chairman, SEA-LNG, commented.