MDL Transpooing in Norway

MDL transpooling for TechnipFMC in Norway

Maritime Developments MDL has carried out transpooling of a flexible jumper for TechnipFMC in Norway.


The complete scope of work consisted of project engineering and onshore execution of transpooling of a 6-inch flowline from a storage reel onto the quayside using the MDL second-generation RDS.

This allowed installation of end termination support frames to TechnipFMC’s 8.6-metre reel in accordance with MDL design drawings, under the instructions of MDL’s team on site.

The operation took place ahead of a planned jumper replacement project in the Tordis field early next year.

MDL provided project engineering services throughout the operation, which included development of transpooling and packing procedures, storyboard drawings, task plans, provision of transpooling equipment, HAZID/HAZOP as well as provision of MDL operators for onsite execution.

Additionally, the MDL operations team assisted with the inspection and SIT of the product while spooled into its expected seabed configuration to verify orientation of the end termination.

The quayside trials allowed for any lessons learned, personnel training and verification of end termination orientation prior to the offshore scope.

Mark Underhill, TechnipFMC project manager, said:

“Once again MDL have delivered a great service for TechnipFMC in Stavanger. The scope included onshore follow-up and engineering support, followed by onshore transpooling activities in Florø.”

Steven Morrison, MDL project engineering manager, said:

“For this quick turnaround scope the MDL projects and operations teams worked closely with the client’s project engineering team to develop solutions to handle and secure the first and last end terminations to the client’s reel. In combination with our equipment and personnel experience we were able to simplify the onshore and offshore handling procedures of the end terminations.

“This project followed shortly from another transpooling campaign elsewhere in Norway using the same MDL RDS.

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“There were further benefits of using the system: we had built the RDS around the reel in-situ, which eliminated the requirement for a crane hire for lifting the reel, and is also the preferred route when handling product with end terminations of this size which affect reel and product centre of gravity.”