MEO Australia Announces Artemis-1 Progress Report No. 5

MEO Australia Limited  advises that since the last progress report, the BOP’s have been run and tested. The 12-¼” hole commenced drilling at 21:30 hrs (Perth time) on Friday 3rd December and has been drilled to a depth of 2,936m.

The well was shut in at 18:00 hrs on Sunday 5th December after encountering an over-pressured gas zone above the primary objective.

Present activity is circulating 11.0ppg mud to enable resumption of drilling operations including running the contingent 9-5/8” casing string before drilling ahead to the primary objective.

WA-360-P Participants


Petrobras International Braspetro PIB BV (a wholly owned subsidiary of Petrobras) 50%

North West Shelf Exploration Pty Ltd (wholly owned MEO subsidiary) 25%

Cue Energy Resources Limited  15%

Rankin Trend Pty Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of Moby Oil & Gas 10%

*MEO Australia Limited is Operator for the Joint Venture


Source: MEO Australia, December 6, 2010; Image: Songa Offshore