Methanol Institute welcomes StormFisher Hydrogen as newest member

The Methanol Institute (MI) has welcomed US-based low-carbon fuel facility development company StormFisher Hydrogen as its newest member. 

The company StormFisher Hydrogen develops, owns, and operates electrolysis-based clean fuel production facilities in North America.

The company produces clean hydrogen, e-methane, e-methanol, and green ammonia. The firm aims to create local energy security, and provide export opportunities to Asia Pacific and European markets.

Moreover, StormFisher Hydrogen wants to secure a sustainable and reliable fuel supply, to meet the needs of traditionally hard-to-decarbonize sectors.

“With their expertise in developing and operating clean fuel facilities, StormFisher is a valuable addition to MI’s membership. As the clean energy transition continues to gain pace, StormFisher’s e-methanol production will be part of the net-carbon neutral future,” MI’s CEO Greg Dolan noted.

“Our company is excited to join the Methanol Institute and collaborate on developing the eMethanol market and shaping supportive policies globally,” said StormFisher CEO Jud Whiteside.

“Working together, we can drive methanol’s potential as a key solution for decarbonization and sustainability.”

StormFisher Hydrogen recently secured a $30 million investment from ARC Financial Corp. The funding will be used to develop an existing pipeline of e-fuel production projects in the United States and Canada.

The capital infusion from ARC Financial is expected to accelerate StormFisher Hydrogen’s developments that will produce electrolysis-based fuels including clean hydrogen, e-methane, e-methanol, and green ammonia.