Minesto in New Patent Push

Marine energy developer Minesto has filed a patent application with the aim of further extending the generic patent protection of its Deep Green energy technology.

The new technical innovation expands the addressable market opportunities and reportedly at the same time reduces operating costs.

The innovation that we have filed for patent protection creates significant commercial value to Minesto as it expands the number of potential development sites and at the same time reduces operating costs and hence the levelised cost of energy of the system,” said Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto.

The new technical solution developed by Minesto enables launch and recovery of the company’s marine energy converters at the surface regardless of the tether length.

This means greater flexibility as to which sea depths Minesto’s systems can be installed at, which is especially interesting in areas with continuous ocean currents.

Minesto currently has ten published patent families that surround the company’s marine energy technology called Deep Green.

This patent application is a textbook example of Minesto’s strategy to extend and widen the protection of the company’s core technology. Our IP protection with more than 50 approved patents makes our patent portfolio one of the strongest – if not the strongest – in the industry.”