Illustration/Minesto's Dragon 12 tidal energy kite (Screenshot/Video by Minesto)

Minesto’s 1.2MW tidal energy device on its way to Faroe Islands

Swedish company Minesto has completed the onshore testing on its tidal energy kite system Dragon 12, which is now being shipped for installation and commissioning in Faroe Islands.

Illustration/Minesto's Dragon 12 tidal energy kite (Screenshot/Video by Minesto)

The 1.2MW Dragon 12 tidal energy kite is on it way from the Uddevalla port to Faroe Islands for final stage of commissioning and system integration in Vestmanna.

Work remains to be done regarding installation of the drilled and grouted foundation. According to Minesto, this work must be completed before offshore installation of powerplant and start of electricity production.

Extensive subsystem verification and testing at Minesto’s workshop in Göteborg has also been completed with satisfactory results.

In addition, the Swedish company informed that after service and upgrades, the 100kW Dragon 4 is in stable electricity production mode at the site in Vestmanna.

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