The wing for Minesto's Dragon 12 tidal energy kite (Screenshot/Video by Minesto)

Minesto’s Dragon gets its wings ahead of take off

Swedish ocean energy developer Minesto has completed the manufacturing of the Dragon 12 wing and started system integration at quayside in Uddevalla port in Sweden.

The wing for Minesto's Dragon 12 tidal energy kite (Screenshot/Video by Minesto)

The quayside completion of the tidal energy kite will enable the shipment of the device directly to Minesto’s tidal energy production site in Vestmannasund, Faroe Islands.

Minesto has now transported the first completed Dragon 12 wing to the port of Uddevalla for integration of subsystems and further transport to the production site in Faroe Islands.

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Final system integration at quayside is logistically cost effective and reduces the need for complex and expensive transport of the large wing, according to the company.

The wing, spanning 12 meters, is a key component in the Dragon 12 system to which all other modules connect. All subsystems, including the 1.2MW power take-off (PTO), steering pods, and control system are being prepared for integration.

Bernt Erik Westre, CTO of Minesto, said: “The Dragon 12 wing has a very efficient and uncompromised hydrodynamic design. It is practically a scale-up of the Dragon 4 wing, with some adjustments to allow for tighter turns and to cater for the higher forces resulting from a larger system.”

The manufacturer of the wing is Swedish composite specialist Elitkomposit. The supplier of cutting-edge composite components has previously delivered the wings for Minesto’s DG100, Dragon 2 and Dragon 4 along with other composite assemblies, making use of the previous experience for the delivery of the utility scale Dragon 12 wing as well as the completion of the D12 rudders and elevators.

“The organic shape and the high loads involved makes this wing one of the most advanced yet robust components we ever delivered. We are excited to contribute to new technologies in the renewable energy sector,” said Andreas Simonsson, senior design engineer at Elitkomposit.

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