Minesto's scaled Dragon Class tidal energy plant (Screenshot/Video by Minesto)

Minesto’s tidal energy dragons in action (Video)

Swedish company Minesto has released a video showing a scale model of its next-generation Dragon Class tidal energy plants under trials in Northern Ireland.

Minesto's scaled Dragon Class tidal energy plant (Screenshot/Video by Minesto)
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The scale model has been undergoing tests at Minesto’s site in Strangford Lough, where the company hosts an R&D platform to further advance its tidal energy technology.

Strangford Lough is the largest inlet in the British Isles and is linked to the Irish Sea by a long narrow channel or strait. Minesto’s test site is located in that strait just outside the town of Portaferry.

The video shows scaled Dragon Class device in action, ‘flying’ from the surface node during offshore testing.

Minesto introduced the Dragon Class range of power plants as an upgrade to the design of its Deep Green technology back in September 2021.

The Dragon Class will be delivered and installed in all of Minesto’s ongoing projects, as well as in the build-out of the company’s first array projects.

Minesto’s next-generation tidal devices will be available in different sizes and rated power tailored for maximum yield depending on site conditions such as water flow rate and depth.

In December 2021, Minesto reported that, based on analysed production data and verified simulations, its utility-scale Dragon Class tidal power plants are each projected to produce 3.5GWh of clean electricity per year at identified sites.

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