Mixed Feelings over Navitus Bay Project

 The deadline to register as an interested party with the Planning Inspectorate for the Navitus Bay wind farm proposal has passed.

Mixed Feelings over Navitus Bay Project

According to Daily Echo, the majority of 2,700 participants who applied have a negative opinion about the project.

“What is striking when you look at the comments is that the vast majority of businesses, individuals, MPs and NGOs are strongly against the project,” said Roy Pointer, chairman of the Poole and Christchurch Bays Association.

Other organizations and individuals have also voiced their concern over project issues such as visual impact and threat to tourism.

Contrary to this, some of the registered parties are backing this project.

One of them is Angela Pooley, co-ordinator of East Dorset FoE, who said: “If we don’t move to more sustainable forms of energy, the negative effects of climate change will have a far greater impact locally and globally than the wind farm.”

“Wind farms aren’t the total answer to providing sustainable energy, but they are part of the solution. Therefore, we hope that Navitus Bay wind farm gets approval.”

Offshore WIND staff, July 04, 2014; Image: navitusbaywindpark