MMT Performs Subsea Cable Survey for Statnett


Sweden-based MMT has recently completed a cable and seabed survey for Statnett at Lofoten and Rombaken, Norway.

Statnett took over three marine cable connections in Lofoten/Vesterålen, Northern Norway 1st of January 2015. The cables were owned by Trollfjord Kraft and Lofotkraft and include Hadselfjorden, Langøysund and Sløverfjorden.

A cable inspection and position survey along with a geophysical survey were carried out by MMT on these cables before the cables were taken over by Statnett. A cable inspection and position survey along with a geophysical survey was also carried out at Rombaken located in the inner parts of Ofotfjorden.

The aim of the cable inspection and position survey is to identify condition, position and possible burial depths of the cables.

MMT conducted the cable inspection and position survey by M/V Stril Explorer using the Work Class ROV Kystdesign Supporter. In Rombaken it was a challenging survey for the ROV with almost vertical slopes on both ends of the fjord.

MMT Cable survey for Statnett_vertical slopes

The cable tracking system used was the ORION system by Optimal Ranging. It was the first time MMT used the system on HVAC cables and the system showed good positioning horizontally and promising results vertically.

“We work together with Optimal Ranging on developing functionality to track multiple cables simultaneously for future projects and we are very pleased for Statnett´s positive feedback on this project”, says Karin Gunnesson, Project Manager, MMT.

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