Photo: ZeroNorth

Monjasa bunker market data integrated into ZeroNorth’s Optimise

Danish bunker company Monjasa and ZeroNorth, a digital spin-off from Maersk Tankers, have partnered up to power ZeroNorth’s Optimise vessel optimisation platform with bunker market data.

The Monjasa’s bunker market indications are calculated on the basis of trading intelligence data, coupled with factors such as local market conditions, specific delivery premiums and barge availability.

The partnership will enable Optimise to access Monjasa’s view of fuel availability in nearly 700 ports worldwide, from key bunkering hubs such as Singapore, Rotterdam, Houston and Fujairah, to smaller or more regional trading ports.

Courtesy of ZeroNorth

“The issue of having a clear view of the marine fuels market – and how this can impact your operations in a huge number of ways – is central to the ongoing challenge of vessel efficiency,”Søren Meyer, CEO of ZeroNorth, said.

That’s why this partnership will enable Optimise to make even stronger recommendations on route and speed, enabling tramp shipping operators to increase their revenue and cut emissions.

Monjasa’s data provides the current market price of the most commonly applied marine fuels (heavy fuel oil, very low sulphur fuel oil and marine gas oil).

In markets where Monjasa uses its own fleet of tankers to supply the fuel products, the knowledge of the entire supply chain is coupled with external pricing data.

“Embracing transparency and sharing data is the future of oil and shipping,” Mikkel Kannegaard, Managing Director of Monjasa added.

Optimise will interpret Monjasa’s data alongside a range of other information – both from users and from third parties – to make its recommendations on speed, route and when, where and what to bunker.

The software provides a clear indication of the upsides of any decision in both dollars and CO2.