PSV Energy Empress; Source: Golden Energy Offshore Services (GEOS)

More time in Caribbean for Golden Energy Offshore vessel

Norwegian vessel owner and operator Golden Energy Offshore Services (GEOS) has secured a contract extension for one of its platform supply vessels (PSVs) with an undisclosed operator in the Caribbean.

PSV Energy Empress; Source: Golden Energy Offshore Services (GEOS)

Back in August 2022, Golden Energy Offshore Services inked a contract with a company, whose name was not revealed, for a general supply mission based in the Caribbean. The contract was expected to run for a minimum of 12 months and had a minimum payment of around $7.9 million. The charter also came with an option to extend the contract for up to one year, thanks to two six-month options, which would provide an income of approximately an additional $8 million.

GEOS opted to use its Energy Empress multi-purpose platform service vessel (MPSV) for the contract. According to the company, the charter for this vessel has now been extended for six months at an agreed day rate of $18,500 per day. As a result, the vessel secured firm employment until 24 April 2024. In addition, the charterers have another six-month option under this charter.

The 2019-built PSV Energy Empress is of a Ulstein PX121 H design. It can accommodate 30 people. While GEOS did not disclose the name of the operator, which hired this PSV, the vessel owner’s records show that the PSV is carrying out general supply duties since 10 October 2022 for the Joe Douglas rig, which is working for BP within the Columbus Basin on Trinidad’s southeast coast.